Top 6 dating apps for android in 2018

Top 6 dating apps for android in 2018

Online dating is the thing of 2018, dating through some of the best dating apps for Android is the next level of efficiency in your dating goals. Dating was never so easy and simple to set before via traditional or old online websites dating platforms but now the era of smartphones the whole scenario is changed. Now, all you have to do is install the given mobile android dating apps on your cell phone and start dating. It was never so simple, efficient and charm to find a dating partner online. So, let us begin the list.

  1. Tinder

Tinder is definitely the most straightforward and most connected dating application of the world. Millions of users use tinder as their go-to go dating app, and there is the reason for that. That is, simplest and unique interface with tons of singles desiring to date with new exciting people. If you are interesting somehow and want to start dating, well, tinder is sure one hell of the option for you to find your soulmate. Most of the services here are free, but the good ones will cost you some bucks, but in the end, the money paid is worth it.

  1. Coffee meats bagel

This smart dating platform is the evolution of online dating, most of you might not know about this platform yet, but once you get to know this thing, I’m pretty sure you will get hooked with it forever. This dating app for android will take all of your details first then will search on its huge platform for your perfect match. The platform of this dating app has the ability to search millions of singles from not just coffee meats bagel but from the other tons of great dating applications. This makes coffee meats bagel one of the largest dating platform on the market. Avail the opportunity to start dating with this gem, and I am sure you will find your new partner in no time.

  1. OkCupid

This OkCupid android dating app is the most used app for dating, primarily by those who are just starting out their venture of online dating. A massive new sign up ratio has been experienced on this dating platform. The interface of the app is simple, the same as it was for years and is capable of getting you your matches instantly after asking a couple of questions. This android dating application is undoubtedly worth a try and will help you find your true love instantly after some time of proper usage.

  1. Plenty of fish

Want a dating platform that will not cost a single bunch and provide you with all of its competitive features for free, and there is a ton of fish( singles) to start chatting and dating with. Well, what more you can wish for? Visit and download the Plenty of fish dating app and start discovering this hidden gem. The total free dating app of 2018, great interface, millions of fish desiring to start their dating venture, what could possibly go wrong, sign up and boom! You are good to go on your dating adventure.

  1. Zoosk

Zoosk is definitely on the radar for the past couple of years and is surely a great paid android dating app that will surely find you your perfect matches. The platform has millions of single ladies waiting for their soulmates to come and show interest in them. It is effortless to use and has many other competitive features that will give your profile a significant exposure.

  1. AdultFriendFinder

Well, hot ladies and gentlemen, if you just want to get laid but don’t want any serious relationship boosting app, AdultFriendFinder is just for you.


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