Top 4 casual dating apps of 2018

Top 4 casual dating apps of 2018

Blind dates and dating by finding a new partner via the traditional means are so 1995, it is time to go digital and the finding the date via the digital casual dating apps you can have some great modern dating experience. Dating is the need of the hour for every men and women as we are social animals and we should keep interacting with new and lovely people from now and then until you find that one person whom you can spend your life with. Well, ladies and gentlemen, who are single out there I would like to disclose some of the great casual dating apps that can bring colour to your black and white life. So, let’s get right into it.

Plenty of fish

POF is an absolutely free casual dating platform online right now, and the server with a ton of fish (by fish they mean not tuna fish but human fish that are singles and want to date desperately). Sign up on the platform to start chatting and dating the beautiful singles. Well, ladies and gentlemen, this is all you need to fulfil your dating goals. Visit and download the dating app and start discovering this hidden ruby. The total free casual dating app of 2018, great interface, millions of sexy fish desperately desiring to start their dating game, what could possibly go wrong, sign up and boom! You are right to go on your dating adventure.


Yes, Tinder is tinder, probably the most rated and most used casual dating platform of the world right now and has a robust interface and most legit dating process that will find you someone your style in no time. This casual dating platform has most of the features for free, and if you get some of the premium features after paying some bucks, surely you can give an exposure to your profile, and that means more single ladies throwing hearts at you.

Coffee meats bagel

This fantastic dating application is the revolutionising the game of online dating. Most of you sitting and gazing on your phone screen might not know about this excellent platform yet, but once you get to know this application, I’m sure as hell you will get obsessed with it. This casual dating app for android will take your vital personal details first, and after that, the app will search on its colossal platform for the perfect match based on your specific information. The casual dating app has the most exceptional ability to search millions of singles from not just its own server but from the other multiple of casual dating applications. This makes your chance of getting a date sooner than you think and this is the primary advantage you will get at this casual dating app.

Ok Cupid

This casual dating app is the probably the most used dating application for dating in the present. This is basically the ultimate solution for those who are just beginning their venture of online dating. Great new sign up numbers has been experienced lately on this casual dating platform. The interface of this Ok Cupid application is super simple, sleek, smart, colourful, and practical and is undoubtedly capable of getting you the right matches instantly after just some necessary questions about yourself. This android dating application is undoubtedly worth a try and will help you find your true love immediately after some time of proper usage.

Some honourable mentions are,

Last tip: Be aware of the fake profiles and if someone asks you for money right after some days chat, know that the person is fake, avoid that and be careful in all this dating venture in every way.


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