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MeetMe Overview

MeetMe is not your typical online dating platform. It’s a hybrid of a social media site and a dating website online. Founded and operated by the Meet Group in the year 2005, MeetMe is a free online dating site which allows members to interact with other members freely by means of chat, video streams as well as discussion in mobile and browser as well.

As opposed to other online dating platforms out there, this dating site evolves more in social interaction on different levels and stages. Between games, Facebook connections, asking member’s queries as well as other nuances of the website, it has more of an open appeal as well as feel less like a professional dating service.

The membership structure of this online dating site is different from other service providers. This only means that there are many possible matches regardless of your age and ethnicity. However, the only issue is that the dating site follows the social media site structure, so the minimum age requirement is thirteen, not like the usual dating sites with its eighteen age requirement. Expect for the presence of some minors on this dating platform, which is not safe for them.

Keep reading our honest MeetMe review to learn more.

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MeetMe Sign-up Process

The process of registration is fast, which is both a bad and good thing. Let’s start with the good thing. This is good because the whole process takes a single screen, and then the member can immediately start to browsing and using this site. This is bad because the site needs the most basic information.  You’re not given a chance to write down your likes and dislikes as well as create a remarkable description about yourself to stand out from the rest.

MeetMe is indeed a social discovery service which is dedicated to meeting people fun through apps and social games. Joining this site is so easy, in fact, you can complete the process in less than a minute. Filling out a profile is quick, and interaction with other members is very entertaining. Not like other dating sites out there wherein joining and using feel like a chore, using MeetMe seems like an amusing diversion. The best thing about it is that it is for free.  You do not need to give out any amount to have remarkable dating experience.

To join this online dating site, you can sign in with your Facebook account or register with your email address. You can choose with the one you find easy for you.  In case you already have an account on Facebook, then you can use it to register on this site as there is no need to fill out the form at the site will be the one to extract the information from your social media account.  If you use your email address, then MeetMe need basic information about yourself. You are also given a choice to follow other members near your location or add a profile picture. After registering, you can add more details about you to your profile, and you are also given a chance to customize your profile links. Further customization is also available in Stickers and layout which can be bought using the Lunch Money, a MeetMe virtual currency.

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MeetMe Features

Compared to other online dating sites out there, Meetme is more of social interaction on several levels.  This site is made to connect singles that live within the area and share the same interest in life. This dating platform aims to help users look for new friends to chat with; however, it also provides a special meter which estimates members popularity during the day. This dating site has adopted a typical newsfeed feature of Facebook and enabled to update the status of the users. MeetMe will surely suit people interested in light chatting. However, those who are searching for a deeper connection will certainly need something extra.

Special Features of this dating site

Desktop interface of MeetMe is bland. However, their mobile apps have a remarkable special features which make it obvious that the site is focusing more on mobile users.


If you want to start a discussion with someone, but are not aware of how to go about it, then MeetMe Questions can help a lot. All you need to do is to ask members a question, and if they are interested, they can reply to question. Question is sent anonymously. Your identity is just revealed if other users answer or reply to your queries.

Secret Admirer

This is a fun and exciting game which members of this site can play. This is also a good way to meet a new friend. This gives you a notification that someone is attracted to you, but not reveals his or her personality. Rather, it shows you many pictures of diverse members at the same time, and you need to guess who this member is. You have five guesses, and if you fail to give the right gues, the secret admirer notification be gone.

MeetMe Live

MeetMe Live is a streaming service of this site. You can go live and chat with your viewers like Facebook. Viewers can also like and send gifts to the one who goes live in the form of diamonds which can be converted into a credit or real cash afterward.


Quickpick works like swipe system available on another dating app like Tinder. Members are shown a picture of a random member. You can show your interest, or you can pass or skip to see other users.

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MeetMe Mobile App

MeetMe is a web-based dating app.  Almost any device with a fast internet connection can access the website. However, you can also access this site on your smartphone as iOS, and Android apps are available.

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MeetMe Safety and Security

This site falls short when it comes to safety. There’s no security system in place which checks and verifies the individuality of the users. Therefore, users are free to act as they want beyond the cover of anonymity. Even if fake profiles can be reported to the admin, if they have not made any mistake, they will not be blocked or removed in this dating platform.

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MeetMe Plans & Pricing

You can make sure of the app and desktop version of MeetMe for free. Even if the app version does have some extra benefits that you have to give out, you make the most of this dating platform even without upgrading your account or giving out any amount.

Options Total Cost Cost Per Month Savings
Free Basic Membership Free (limited) Free (limited)
1 Month Membership n/a n/a 0%
3 Month Membership n/a n/a 25%
12 Month Membership n/a n/a 70%

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MeetMe Customer Support

If you have questions, concerns, or complaints and want to keep in touch with customer support, you can do so by sending an email or by calling customer hotline number.  Staff is always available to answer all your calls.

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MeetMe Pros and cons

  • You can join for free and no annoying ads as well
  • Games provide a fun and exceptional, as well as an engaging approach to meet new people.
  • Android and iOS apps are available
  • The message can be sent and received by members in spite of their membership status

  • Doesn’t have search functions
  • Profile information is fairly basic and does not provide the chance to know people on a personal and deeper level
  • Due to the fact that the profile doesn’t have detailed information, the search option is somewhat limited.
  • Membership is automatically renewed, but you can cancel it at any time

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The Bottom Line

In general, MeetMe is like a Facebook than the usual dating site, due to its heavy focus on social interaction and group discussions. While this online dating app might be a perfect platform to have fun and meet other people over the net, the anonymity and short of safety measure will make it hard for the user to look for someone who is interested in serious relationships. If you do not want casual flings or hookups and choose to connect with someone on a personal level and look for a possible partner in life, then this site is not ideal for you.

Free to Look
Male:Female Ratio: 49:51
Age 18-30
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Unique Monthly Visits: 665,000
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Main Features
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Free Basic Membership: Free (limited)
1 Month Membership: n/a
3 Month Membership: n/a
6 Month Membership: n/a
9 Total Score
976 reviews
MeetMe Review

In general, MeetMe is like a Facebook than the usual dating site, due to its heavy focus on social interaction and group discussions. While this online dating app might be a perfect platform to have fun and meet other people over the net

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    May 5, 2020 at 8:54 pm

    it was the worst site ever been on first locked my stuff for messageing to much thought someone broke into it.and 7 hours getting put back and fill redo everything again..then took half chats talking to off and notice and still hasn’t been put back,,,overall sucks

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