Reasons Online Dating is Not Yet Working For You as Expected

Reasons Online Dating is Not Yet Working For You as Expected


You are using online dating for a while now, but you failed in succeeding at this process? You’re probably wondering what may be wrong and why online dating is not producing the same effects it does in the lives of others. After having more than a few disappointing experiences and not managing to meet anyone reliable online, you are tempted to think that dating sites are more of a scam than a legit business. However, there are also more than enough people that can testify to the fact that online dating helped them meet their true love. Having said all these, here is a list of reasons that can truly ruin your chances of success when dating online.


  • Your profile on dating sites is incomplete or bad


Your profile is the first thing people come across when looking to find out more about you. It’s not like they can see you or call you, so the information you display there is the only one speaking for you in this case. This is why it is worth investing time and effort in building a great profile. This doesn’t mean altering your personal information or story to make it look better. It means to provide as much info as possible in an honest and presentable manner. Do your best and fill in every field of the profile in order to help people get to know you better. When writing your profile, be optimistic, slightly romantic, and humorous. Even if you’re feeling a bit down or have a sad story in your real life, don’t use this kind of details on your online dating profile. People like meeting positive and optimistic people more.


  • You are determined to settle only for the best


While it is not a bad idea to be selective, being too picky will drastically reduce your dating chances. Are you looking for a person that has the ideal physical features, the ideal job, house, car, and so on? Well, the chances to find such a person are actually very slim. When it comes to choosing the right person, you should pay more attention to the aspects that actually matter. You should look for a person that has a lot of common sense, is respectful, kind, friendly, and seem to have a good amount of things in common with you. Just do bear in mind that it takes a while to discover whether a person is a good match or not, as you need to know each other better. So, it would be a good idea to stop ditching people just because they don’t live where you would like or don’t have the car brand your desire.


  • You’re not paying sufficient attention to what is happening


When was the last time you checked out the people that looked at your profile? Many dating sites allow you to see who has viewed your profile, so it is not very hard to find this out. The people that took a few minutes to check you out may be interested in you, even if its just a little at the moment. How to act in this case? You can start by sending that person a message. That person is, after all, interested in you, so you need to take advantage of this aspect. If you like the person that viewed your profile and would like to know more about him or her, proceed to send him or her a message, before someone else does. When using dating sites, it’s all about seizing the opportunities that come your way.


  • You may not be using the dating site at the right times


You’re disappointed that it takes longer for people to answer your messages or you can’t find someone to chat with? Perhaps you are logging into your account at the wrong hours. While it is true that there are apps to be installed on mobile devices, making the use of dating sites more convenient, this doesn’t mean that everyone is online all the time. Knowing the peak moments of the day when people log into their accounts can be very helpful. Thus, usually, people are online during lunch hours, in the afternoon after work or later in the evening, after 7 o’clock.


  • You are not moving things offline


Dating sites are indeed meant for online dating, but once you met someone and things appear to be okay between the two of you, you should eventually meet offline. Asking someone out for a coffee or lunch is not the end of the world. It is very hard to decide whether a person is worth pursuing or not if you don’t meet face-to-face. Online conversations may be great, but nothing beats an offline experience. Only this way you will come to realize whether you do truly have a connection or not. So, don’t be scared of the fact that you will be refused or things will not work out. These are all part of the game. At least you will know that you tried, which will indeed increase your chances to succeed, rather than wondering how it would have been if you two met for real.


  • You may be wasting time with the wrong kind of people


There are quite a few that use dating sites, without actually being prepared to date. These are people that just terminated a relationship and are looking for a shoulder to cry on. Or they can be people that don’t know what they are looking for. Spending time and effort with this kind of people is actually a waste, as you will never get too far with them. Meanwhile, you’re losing precious time, time which you could have used to meet someone that is truly interested in meeting you. So, pay attention to what they are writing back when you communicate, as there are hints that will tell you whether they are or not emotionally available. Those that flirt but are seeking for perfect, are unwilling to change their daily routines, are often mentioning their past, are late for your online meeting, appear to be arrogance or angry, or try to seduce you way too early may not look to get emotionally involved with you.


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