Does He Love Me – The 10 Signs He Does and Doesn’t

Nowadays, having a boyfriend is a big thing. But, it was another thing to have a boyfriend that truly loves you and stay with you for the rest of your life. Definitely, most of us are aiming for the latter.

I’m going to provide you the signs that will help you to find out whether he is totally in love with you and have plan to stay with you in the long run. With these examples, you can find out the answers to your specific needs.

Signs He Loves You (#1-5)

First of all, does he really loves you? The following are the things that you must observe in his behavior and in what he says:

  1. You Say “ Doing [Something] Will Make Me So Happy” and He Makes it Happen for You

I have many clients who do this all the time. Men hate to be hassled, but they really love to be given a road for your happiness. By simply telling him something that can make you happy, he will make an effort to do it. If you try this, make sure that you will ask for a small thing to get his behavior conditioned by showing your appreciation for what he have done for your happiness.

  1. He Will Make Future Plans With You

If he sets a schedule to go to a vacation with you for several months, or ask you to go to a wedding way in advance, or discussing the possibilities if you live together, then he really loves you. Moreover, you can observe that he is really serious to you.

  1. He Wants to Meet your Family and Friends

You will know that your boyfriend truly loves you if he wants to meet your mom or best friend, for the reason that he wants to know you better. He really cares about you if he wants to be introduced to the important people in your life. With this, he can also interact with your family and friends.

  1. He’s Willing to Speak to your Daily

There is a possibility that if a man is playing the field, he can talk to various women. On the other hand, if he wants to talk to you on a daily basis, there is a high chance that he is focused only with you. You can make sure that he is loyal to you.

  1. He Will Do Things With or For You That He Doesn’t Want to Do

As a single person, you can listen to yourself and do the things that you want. However, if another has your heart, you can change the things you do. For example, if something can make you happy, then your boyfriend will do it for you even if he does not do it before. With this, you will realize that he really treats you as his priority.

Signs He Doesn’t Love You (#6-10)

This time, on the not so pleasant topic. Do you want to know whether you got the wrong guy? The following are the signs for you to make clear decisions.

  1. He Only Texts Once a Week to Set Up a Booty Call

Sometimes, he will just send a group of texts during your conversation. If he texted you to set up a once a week meeting, he was just doing that to satisfy his sexual desire especially if he is lonely. With this, he is not the perfect one for you.

  1. He Says “I’m Not Looking for a Relationship With You”

If he says these words, then he is not lying, and you can never do something to change it. Therefore, you must accept the fact that he is not the one for you. You should never waste your time on him.

  1. He Won’t Plan Any of the Dates

If you are going to say to him that you can be the happiest girl on the planet if he will plan a date with you, but he refuses it to deliver to you, then he actually doesn’t love for you. He don’t care about you. If you do not feel happiness and don’t try things together, then it is a bad sign.

  1. He Refuses to Introduce You to His Friends and Family

He will not make an effort to introduce you to his family and friends because he doesn’t see the future of living with you for a long time. Even more important, he is not confident and proud of you as his love partner. Well, the best thing that you can do about it is to move on and find someone else. With this, you can stop wasting your time for someone that doesn’t really love and care for you.

  1. He Will Never Commit to Future Plans

If you will invite him to a wedding, or set a vacation, but he hesitates about it, then you must ask him why. This is a sign that he is not sure to go with you on the said event.

You Can Also Take a Quiz to Find Out

One way to find out if a guy truly loves you is to take a quiz. There are many of them online. While I don’t think you must put all your faith to these quizzes, you can have fun from time to time. To mention a few, Seventeen and CafeMom are among the most sought after sites that can offer you with Does He Love You quizzes.

So, Does He or Doesn’t He?

With this guide, you can now decide whether he is the right one for you. These ten guaranteed signs are tested and proven for you to know if he does or doesn’t love you. If you feel that he really loves you, then be happy together and show your deepest love for him. On the other hand, if he doesn’t love you, stay away from him and find someone who can truly love you. You deserve someone better than him.

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