10 Essential Dating Tips for Men

Are you ready to charm the world with your good looks? It’s similar that selling your car. First, you have clean it to make it look elegant and attractive to the seller. Do you want to sell your house? You have to clean and make it tidy to attract the best buyer.

This is similar in selling yourself if you are going on a date. How are you going to attract a woman? Being well-groomed is one of the first things that a woman would be seeing so you need to take note on these points. It would give you great confidence in being with your date and at the same time getting the woman attracted 6o you.

Good Hygiene

Going on a date means you don’t only have the budget for it. The first thing you have to consider is good hygiene. Women disliked a man having dirty clothes and not having a shave or his hair trimmed. Match this up by using the right cologne or perfume.  This further adds to your grooming and looks. Women would again go with you when they see you are taking care of yourself. This also means that you are responsible men.

Great Appearance

This doesn’t only mean about the clothes you are wearing but also habits, the ambitions and the interests that you have. Think of yourself. Are you are happy with your life? Are you full of interests? Are you engaging and ambitious?

These would all reflect in your overall appearance. A woman likes to date men who are comfortable with themselves and happy with their life. This gives women the sense of being also. An interesting man makes awoman interested to go out with him. Your interests would be a big asset for the two of you to have fun with each other. This also goes to the things that you dream or aspire to have. Women would be attached to you if you have

Go to Dating Mode

Take the first step in improving the emotional baggage that you have. Don’t think of the previous dates that you have.  Feel the excitement by giving your true self on your date. Make your 1date interested in you at the best possible way. Putting your mind on your date means you are ready to enjoy it. You should be happy about your date and give your best shot in making it memorable. Rest assured, you are going to enjoy the experience.

Develop Self Confidence

Women love to hang out with confident men. It would be an advantage if you are great with confidence. This gives the woman the assurance that you could handle the situation well. However, don’t be overconfident. This would give the woman the impression that you are bragging about your personality. Take it easy and set the right traits that a man should do. Here, you are assured to have the best dating experience of your life.

Open and Interesting Conversation


Do you want to make your date an interesting one? It’s simple. All you have to do is start an engaging conversation with your date. Light up the mood of your date by bringing up aninteresting topic that both of you want to talk about. These topics could be about yourselves or something about the games that you have watched or your favorite sports. This is sure to make your date a memorable one.

Make the Connection

You need to establish rapport to make your date more engaging. Figure out the areas the two of you have in common. Doing so would give a good response from her because she sees that you’re interested in her personality. This could lead to adeep conversation that might lead to a relationship.

Observe Body Language

You might have of this a thousand times when you are going on a date. Read the body language of a woman. Know the signs if she is interested or not. This gives you the idea if you’re wasting your time or not. Getting an 80% interest from your date means you could play in favor of you. Don’t miss this chance and show the lady you are worth it.


It all takes some practice for all these tips to work. You can’t lose if you did your best on your dating experience. This gives you the chance to improve your skills and determine if you have improved or not. Take it easy and do it in a casual way. You have agreat advantage if you practice in each date you are in. Don’t settle for the common date, make it exciting and engaging by doing these tips and you are on your way to success.

Go Places Women Usually Go

Don’t be stuck in a place hoping to find the right date. You wouldn’t find her there. You need to visit the places where women could be found so that you could engage in a good conversation and to know them even more. Socialize and see the big result come to you.  You could find alarge selection of women who you might like to a date. Going to the right place matters and you have the big chance to find your date in the perfect place.

Do It Now

Don’t make excuses or any doubts. You have the capability and you can do it. It would be a great advantage if you do it now rather than the following day or next week. Take the action by making the right and effective dating plan. It all starts with the perfect date and you have the best choice to make it happen.

Finding a date is not finding a woman but finding the right woman. You don’t need to be doubtful or hesitate on your plans. A successful date is just around the corner. All you have to do is take the opportunity and make it happen. So, it’s time to enjoy and have fun! Find a date right now and be satisfied with the experience. Make a move and see the big difference it would create in your life.

Photo sources: pixabay.com


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