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WhatsYourPrice Overview

WhatsYourPrice was established in 2003 by the same person who created SeekingArrangement. It has an office in Las Vegas, Nevada. This online dating site is a superb platform that provides a different and unusual service than many of today’s dating avenue. WhatsYourPrice works like an auction website, wherein potential suitors make bids on possible matches or going on dates.

This online dating site makes dating rewarding and more straightforward for everyone. They use a patent-pending system that allows men and women to utilize cash incentive to get a get a first date with anyone. WhatsYourPrice is launched in 2010 and has made a better dating experience for more than 650,000 members. Aside from the easiest way to find a date, it is also the safest platform to look for a possible partner. This online platform provides background verification so users can date with assurance.

By placing bids, the same to an auction, the user will choose which offer she or her will accept. The bidder is anticipated to pay the settled amount during the date, which includes the entire date expenses.

As stated above, women are more inclined to get bids for first dates as opposed to the male user. There are some complaints about women who come off after the first meeting. A significant percentage of the users are female college students, concludes to be on this platform to pay for their expenses including tuition fees.  Fifty percent of the members are from the USA, and the rest are from Canada and the United Kingdom.

Keep reading our honest WhatsYourPrice review to learn more.

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WhatsYourPrice Sign-up Process

After registration, you need to answer to questions; first, your purpose of joining this online dating site and second your gender. Your choices can be to bid on dates or get paid for a date. Then after that, you will be given an authority to browse the website. You will notice a banner that continuously appears on the top of the screen reminding you to confirm your email address. You can ignore this and continue discovering the website. Once you decided to complete the registration process, immediately you will be directed to a page where you need to complete what the site asked. You are required to give your location, physical characteristics, body type, income, education, and many others.

The website is user-friendly and very responsive. Your profile requires authentication, and you need to upload a picture. But, the picture is under approval, so make sure it is beautiful and current. After giving all the information need, you can now start looking for a sugar baby.

WhatsYouPrice has access to a remarkable when looking for a sexy, young sugar baby.  Sugar daddies can bid a significant amount to date a girl of his choice. Sugar babies, on the other hand, can set the amount they look forward to their potential sugar daddy. The amount can be rejected or accepted by all members. Also, they can counter the price with a new bid. A sugar daddy can set the time and date of the meeting once the bidding is accepted.

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WhatsYourPrice Features

This online dating site is an exceptional dating platform which promotes every user to join in dating auctions. CEO and developer of this site think that dating is all about economics, supporting the idea that money can buy love or date. But, the only question is “what is your price”?

This online dating site has a dating blog, wherein member can know more about dating online, making profiles and many others. If you are not sure if a member is real or not, the website provides a Become Verified feature, wherein users need to pay fifty dollars to make a verified profile. This is an essential feature as members can free themselves from the doubt of meeting someone.

This also allows members to check out the current activity, so they can see a member who is dedicated to dating online and who is not. You can send winks to member’s you are interested in.

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WhatsYourPrice Mobile App

Android and iPhone app are available for people who want to access this site using their smartphone.

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WhatsYourPrice Safety and Security

Users can have their backgrounds checked, even if that isn’t mandatory, and you need to pay extra money. It is highly recommended to read the policy of this online dating site. This site is safe. On the other hand, the safety lies in your hand, so you need to apply extra caution when dealing with strangers.

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WhatsYourPrice Plans & Pricing

You can join this site for free. But, for you to participate in the bidding, you will require consent to communicate with other members. The communication privileges need you to use on-site credits which can be purchased in blocks of 100, 450 as well as 1,000.  If you choose the 100 credits, you need to give out  $50, while 450 credits will cost you $250 and if you need more credits, you need to give out $250.

There’s a choice to become a verified user. This is essential as the chance of accepting your bid will be taken or being chosen for a date- is remarkably improved. Essentially the management will do a background check. With regards to this matter, you will be needed to submit personal information and a valid identification card as well.

Ladies who join this online dating website to earn money for a date are not required to pay for the communication features offered by this platform. However, the verified member option is open once they decide to give the required payment.

Options Total Cost Cost Per Savings
Free Basic Membership Free (limited) Free (limited)
100 Credits $50.00 $0.50 0%
450 Credits $150.00 $0.33 25%
1,000 Credits $250.00 $0.25 50%

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WhatsYourPrice Customer Support

If you want to know more about this online dating site, or if you have complaints, concerns as well as questions you can do so by sending an email or calling customer hotline number that is always open. You can also visit the FAQ age of the website to know some of the commonly asked questions and help you decide if it is worthy to join or just a waste of time and money.

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WhatsYourPrice Pros and cons

  • It provides free membership to women
  • You only pay after the offer has been accepted
  • Straight to the point and wait for acceptance rather than wasting time on messaging, winks and many others.
  • You do not need to worry about the scam and fake profile as they are checked and verified by the management
  • Lots of amazing features

  • Although it offers free membership to female members, male members need to pay a considerable amount of money.
  • Verification of profile needs to pay an extra amount
  • One of the most expensive dating sites so far
  • Membership is automatically renewed, but you can cancel it at any time

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The Bottom Line

WhatsYourPrice has set finding a date to a higher level. Women can join the site for free and get full access to the features and have a chance to earn a considerable amount of money. But, men to become a member they need to pay a substantial amount before getting a date. Male members need to put a bid, and spend the whole expense of their date and need to give out additional amount to use some of the features. This site is for those men who are willing to spend a significant amount of money to date the girl of their dreams.

This site is exceptional; the concept is new as well. Users are asked directly to put a bid for a date. This might be expensive, but you are assured of getting a high-quality match. It saves money and time, as most of the men today are busy and don’t have time to find a girl physically. This is also beneficial for women who are planning to have a good life.

This online dating site is user-friendly and very responsive. You can access this using your smartphone. It is clean with simple pages. It is easy to browse and many options for ladies to choose from. This is highly recommended for everyone.

Free to Look
Male:Female Ratio: 35:65
Age 18-30
Age 30-50
Age 50+
Unique Monthly Visits: 565,000
Looking For
Activity Partner
Casual Dating
Serious Dating
United States
United Kingdom
Main Features
Instant Messages
Mobile App
Video Chat
Voice Message
Match Service
Offline Events
Block Users
Articles & Advice
Mobile App
Help & Support
24/7 Support
Email Support
Phone Support
Live Chat
Free Basic Membership: Free (limited)
1 Month Membership: n/a
3 Month Membership: n/a
6 Month Membership: n/a
9.3 Total Score
977 reviews
WhatsYourPrice Review

WhatsYourPrice has set finding a date to a higher level. Women can join the site for free and get full access to the features and have a chance to earn a considerable amount of money. But, men to become a member they need to pay a substantial amount before getting a date.

9.3Editor's score
Match Probability
Ease of Use
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