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MissTravel Overview

Looking for a girl to take to your travel? MissTravel.com is the best place to be. Founded by Brandon Wade, who is also the CEO,  MissTravel is designed for men who are searching for a sugar babies to take along on their travels.  This online dating site is located and Las Vegas, Nevada. The founder is a veteran in the online dating world.

What MissTravel.com aim is to unite generous and wealthy old guys with sexy and hot sugar babies who are willing to travel to anywhere. This also allows couples to meet and travel together. However, MissTravel serves more as a platform to look for a travel companion that a sugar dating relationship.

MissTravel is not your typical dating website. This site promotes a different sort of social sugar daddy sites which are based on the same interests and doesn’t emphasize dating as their principal function. Instead, it encourages the user to utilize the service to look for the best travel buddy. So, if you travel often and need a buddy to talk with or share memories, this site is the best option for you.

Keep reading our honest MissTravel review to learn more.

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MissTravel Sign-up Process

Registration takes a while, and this is one of the drawbacks of MissTravel.com. Even though you can sign up for free, members are required to provide their legibility through few certifications. Facebook or email address can be used to open an account. If you register using your email address, you will be given a confirmation code that is sent straight to your inbox. During your registration process, you are required to submit some of your details like body type, income level, height, hair color, and many others. To increase the credibility of your profile, make use of the optional stamp verification. This will also increase the possibility of attracting more people.

Even if you are a free member, you can send a message. However, to use the full features of this site, you need to upgrade to paid membership.

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MissTravel Features

Not like most online dating websites out there, MissTravel does not provide a matching system. So, the task of finding a possible travel buddy is in your hands. When looking for a travel buddy, it is best to pick someone who will be going to the same place just as you. Since this platform is not your ordinary hook-up website out there, the features usually founded on such websites are modified to accommodate the service offered by MissTravel.

There are two ways to find a possible travel buddy, first is the traditional way wherein you look for potential buddy according to your taste.  Second, members need to a trip request or invitation including essential information like date of travel and the location. They should also point out who will pay for the expenses.

More than 95% of the invitations are from male users. Maybe this is the reason why people give this online dating sure the sugar daddy feel. Members can interact with other users using online chat and messaging feature. This can be accessed from the members’ profile page. But, male users can only respond or send messages if they are paid, members. However, female users can access the entire features which include messaging.

You must bear in mind that this dating site caters for people to unite and discuss the possibility of traveling together. MissTravel doesn’t make itinerary preparations or reservations of any sort. It’s the task of the members to plan, book, schedule as well as pay for the expense. This is the reason why a lot of users change out of the internal messaging platform quickly. It is easier to plan a journey and make the necessary financial arrangements to meet through a phone.

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MissTravel Mobile App

The desktop and mobile app of MissTravel  is user-friendly, easy to navigate and elegantly presented utilizing a simple and minimalist design.

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MissTravel Safety and Security

MissTravel is not accountable for user’s privacy and safety. If two singles travel together through the help of this site, and something happens, this is not held responsible. Going to any part of the world with a stranger can be dangerous and risky; this is why this online site checks carefully the members who sign up on their platform. They conduct background verification process to make the meeting of the users and their travel experience full of fun and memorable and to avoid fraud as well.

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MissTravel Plans & Pricing

The best thing about MissTravel is that members can sign up for free. What is more, they can use some of the essential features. But, to enhance the chance of finding a perfect upgrading your account is highly advisable.

As a user, you can message anyone without spending any amount; however, this is exclusive to sugar baby members only. For sugar daddy, they need to upgrade to a premium membership in order to initiate a conversation with other users. The MissTravel premium account is renewable on1, 3, or 6-months subscription plans. Sugar Daddies should be 18 years old and above to register on MissTravel.com.

Three Options of Finding a Travel Buddy

  • I’ll Pay for Us: Meaning, all the travel expenses are shouldered by yours.
  • You Will for Us: Meaning, Sugar Daddy will pay for all the travel costs.
  • Split the Cost of the Trip: As the name suggests, the travel expenses are shared, usually 50/50, however, it can be another arrangement.

The primary goals of this website are to attract more and more members. This online dating site is classified into two specific groups. One crowd has wealthy and openhanded sugar mama or sugar daddy users who have laid out their holiday plan and are looking for an attractive young and fresh girls or boys to take on their journey. The other crowd is good looking users who are searching for a wealthy host that can pay for the entire trip.

Options Total Cost Cost Per Month Savings
Free Basic Membership Free (limited) Free (limited)
1 Month Membership $39.99 $39.99 0%
3 Month Membership n/a n/a 36%
6 Month Membership n/a n/a 33%

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MissTravel Customer Support

The best thing about this site is that they have a well-made and very informative FAQ section with essential details on members, how to use the website, traveling as well as additional questions and concerns you may need. MissTravel has a support ticket function for the members to utilize if they want personal support. There is a help tab situated on the footer of this site, and the online forms can be accessed via links located under the Help page.

Overall, a lot of users are very pleased with the diverse customer support options available at Miss Travel.  On the other hand, members love to see some additional form of live chat or phone support; however, it is not a deal breaker for some who are used to an online dating site.

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MissTravel Pros and cons

  • A new style of dating online
  • Many choices to pay for journeys, split the costs or get trips paid for
  • User-friendly, easy to navigate and very responsive mobile app and desktop version
  • Free membership to girls
  • The user interface is very intuitive

  • Non-typical type of online dating, which make people think if this is true or not
  • Male members need to upgrade their membership to make the best of the features as well as the services
  • Prone to fraud as well as scam
  • Membership is automatically renewed, but you can cancel it at any time

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The Bottom Line

In general, MissTravel is a reliable online dating site to look for a travel buddy. It is packed with essential features to make the process of finding a perfect partner is hassle-free. There are lots of members on this site, so the chance of finding a partner is high. You can join the site for free and use some of the basic features. But, men need to upgrade their membership to initiate discussion. Ladies can join the site and use the entire features for free.

MissTravel doesn’t prioritize your safety. They are also not liable if you encounter issues like scam or fraud, this is in spite of their verification process.

Free to Look
Male:Female Ratio: 50:50
Age 18-30
Age 30-50
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Unique Monthly Visits: 366,000
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United States
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Main Features
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Articles & Advice
Mobile App
Help & Support
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Live Chat
Free Basic Membership: Free (limited)
1 Month Membership: $39.99
3 Month Membership: n/a
6 Month Membership: n/a
9.3 Total Score
932 reviews
MissTravel Review

In general, MissTravel is a reliable online dating site to look for a travel buddy. It is packed with essential features to make the process of finding a perfect partner is hassle-free. There are lots of members on this site, so the chance of finding a partner is high.

9.3Editor's score
Match Probability
Ease of Use
Help & Support
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1 Comment
  1. Reply
    Pauly Freund
    August 28, 2020 at 4:47 am
    Match Probability
    Ease of Use
    Help & Support

    I Had A Good Experience on the Site; My Travel Companion to Hawaii Was Interesting


    I was in need of a female travel companion to go with me to Hawaii toward the end of 2017 and I had quite a few beautiful women to choose from very quickly after I posted my trip proposal on MissTravel. I narrowed the field down to two finalists who I then video chatted with. Both women were young and beautiful but one stood out (a young woman named Celine from Norway as being much more sincere and interested in getting to know me. The other woman, a young professional from Chicago, did not make our video chat a priority, imho, since she decided to take it from her car while en-route to a coffee shop instead of from a place where she was entirely focused on our call and nothing else (like I was).

    The trip itself was pretty fair for what I wanted to get out of it. By my way of thinking, Celine did not pack her bag with clothing she could actually use and wear on our trip, so I ended up buying her several “Hawaii Outfits” and a swimsuit on our first full day in Hawaii. She had brought a huge suit case filled with random, thrown together and largely mismatched nightclub outfits. I found that odd at the time… and I now suspect that the jumbled contents of this large suit case represented Celine’s complete collection of possessions in a “nomadic” sort of way. Celine also had a ton of beauty supplies of every possible imagination and she ended up strewing these all around our bedroom. It got so bad that I would have to spend about ten minutes every night moving her stuff out of the way just so I had a place to sleep! She also did not seem well versed in how a shower / bathtub worked and I felt inclined to show her how to position the inner, plastic shower curtain inside the tub in order to avoid flooding the bathroom floor whilst taking a shower… oh boy!

    On the whole… I would say that I got what I wanted out of my MissTravel experience. It was wonderful having a beautiful, sexy model caliber woman with me for this trip. I hope Celine enjoyed my company and what she managed to see of Hawaii… she had a lot of “down time” dealing with things like bad hair extensions (which we fixed together by buying new ones and sewing clips to the new extensions as an unexpected but fun craft project and bonding experience) and smartphone issues with her new but not-so-waterproof Samsung Galaxy S8.

    Alas, Celine and I parted ways after our trip to Hawaii… largely because I challenged her to aim a little higher in life so that it would actually align more closely with the version of herself that she portrayed on her Instagram account. Celine was not at all amused by my suggestion and she made it clear that we would not be remaining in contact going forward. While I respect her decision, I do find her lack of gratitude very unsavory. Especially given how well I respected her boundaries during our trip and how well I treated her. For example, Celine ditched me on our last night in Hawaii to go to a “party” allegedly hosted by some locals she had met. She was gone all night and she did not respond to calls or texts. I didn’t sleep at all that night out of worrying for her safety. I was so worried that at around 4 am I called the hospitals and the local jail to see if she was admitted or locked up. Celine finally turned up back in the morning (looking very tired and disheveled) less than one hour before we had to leave for the airport. Despite this, I bought her some souvenirs on our way to the airport along with some holiday gifts from Hawaii that she could give to her family back in Norway,

    Regardless of the bizarre and sometimes annoying experiences I had on my trip to Hawaii with Celine… If I am ever in need of travel companionship again, I would use this site.

    Tip for consumers: *** Immediately Avoid and Block ANYONE…
    1) Asking you for money up front.
    2) Who refuses or defers in any way your request for a live video chat to verify who they are.
    3) Who acts in a way that indicates they are not really interested in getting to know you for you.
    4) Who’s actions do not align with their stated intentions.

    *** Check out the r/sugarlifestyleforum on Reddit for a lot of great information about the ins and outs of sugaring. This site is a form of sugaring, imho.

    + PROS: Lots of possibilities, endless in fact. Also a good and fun way to get started in sugaring... or at least an interesting implementation / premise of it.
    - CONS: Good online dating screening skills are a MUST.w
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