The 9 Dating Conversation Tips

If you are one of those who are fond of going on a date, you have to be aware of the common conversation tips. Most of the singles who go on a date find it hard to open a simple conversation and often experienced an awkward silence.

You don’t need to worry. Below are the Dating Conversation Tips that you need to do to have a free-flowing conversation. If you are really nervous too on a date, always remember that the person you are planning to date is also human like you. Relax and be confident enough. Therefore, to help you combat nervous and awkwardness during your dates, here are the 9 conversation tips that you need to know:

Avoid boring questions

Questions like, “What is the brand of your phone?” “How fast is your internet connection?” are some of the questions that you have to avoid. You have to understand that girls are not interested in that stuff as compared to guys. You have to focus on the topics that can connect not just you but the both of you. If you want to have a meaningful and fun conversation, focus on emotional topics.

The 5 senses are one of the great things that you need to consider especially in asking and answering questions. It does not necessarily mean that all of the topics should be an emotional topic. However, if you find yourself bored about your topics, try switching the topic in more emotional topics. This will make the both of you to be interested and in the long run, will get to know each other.

Remember, This is NOT an INTERVIEW

During your date, it is a part of the conversation to ask questions and make some statements that will engage the both of you. However, don’t make it as if you are having an interview. Make an alternate between a question and a statement. For example, “How many siblings do you have?” which is the same in a statement form: “I guess you’re the only child.” It is very important to make a good atmosphere between you and your date. Don’t just let your conversation to be awkward.

Ask questions that you like to answer as well

Before going on a date, you might have ideas in mind on what to and what to say to your date. But, remember to keep in mind the questions that you yourself would also like to answer. This is an effective way of returning back the question to you and in return, you’ll be able to demonstrate cool things all about yourself.

This conversation tips purpose is to return back the questions that you asked. For example, “What outdoor activity you love the most?” Her: “Well, I love to go on biking with my friends, how about you?” You: “Wow! That’s pretty cool! We just have the same outdoor activity!” See, this could be an effective way of introducing yourself to your date and at the same time, you will be able to know more about each other.

This dating conversation tips must be used cautiously. Remember to don’t overuse it for it may come across arrogant.

Learn To Tell Stories

We know that each of us has its own story to tell. One of the best way to let people know about yourself is to tell stories. What makes your story interesting is the characters and the life lesson it has taught you.

For example, Last Valentine’s day, since I don’t have any date, I decided to invite my Mom to go out on a date. The funny thing is that my ex-girlfriend was also at the same restaurant. She approaches me and asked me about the girl I am with. She even asked me if the girl (my mom) was the reason why I broke up with her. I and mom just giggled and burst into laughter.

Sometimes, it is good to tell stories. Telling stories is a way of showing your sincerity and being real to your date. However, take note as well to avoid giving too many details because it might become boring. Telling stories is the perfect way of getting to know your date. Once you opt to tell your stories, your date will also tell hers.

Topics to Avoid

Most of the people who go out on a date still use some of the topics that should be avoided. Here are some of the topics that you need to avoid.

  • The Weather
  • About the Past (Bad Relationships, family, friends, dates)
  • Family issues about life (get to know your date first)
  • Politics
  • Religion

These are just some of the common topics that you have to take into consideration to avoid an awkward conversation.

Great Conversation Topics

If we do have topics that you have to avoid, here are also great topics that you need to use during your date.

  • Celebrities & their Drama
  • Cool things you have done lately.

Focus on the topics that you think will best interest the both of you.

Don’t Grasp for Commonalities

Lucky for you if you and your date have something in common. However, don’t ask straight questions in a row or even statements in a row. You can easily see if you have things in common once you started to tell stories and answer every question. Just wait for something that will come up. Don’t force your date to open up. Just go with the flow and let it happen through the natural way of conversation.

Go First!

If you go out on a date and your date is too quiet and too shy, take action and start a conversation. You can answer your own questions. This sounds crazy but it is a way of encouraging your date to feel comfortable. You can also throw jokes but avoid jokes that might offend your date.

Going first can help your date to contribute to your answer and finally will tell her stories.

Don’t Solve all Her Problems

This tip is suited for the guys only. This is where lots of guys failed. Once the girl told you about her problem, you always think to help solve the problem. Guys always think that they need to do something. Remember girls are different. They just need someone to listen to them. Guys, you need to serve as their emotional blanket and just listen to their issues in life. Girls don’t always want to solve every problem in life, oftentimes, she just wants to speak it out and get it off their chest.

Going out on a date? Follow these 9 Dating Conversation Tips and expect for a free-flowing conversation.

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