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Feeld Overview

Are you searching for a location-based social discovery dating platform that provides a space for the open-minded single and couple interaction? Look no further than Feeld. Formerly known as 3nder or Thrinder, this site was developed in the UK in 2014 and launched in the US in 2015. The name changed to Feeld when Tinder filed a suit.

This dating platform boasts of having 2 millions of members from all parts of the globe. A wide network of members includes straight and gay. Prior to joining this site, this app pops-up reminders against inequity and terms of use. This site is for open-minded and kinky. However, it doesn’t allow nudity as well as other explicit content.  They also prioritize the privacy of their members. The first requirement prior to registering is that you must have a Facebook account.

Recently, Feeld launched the 5.0 version that guarantees faster as well as smoother chat syncs. With the latest version, you can now experience simpler and stress-free navigation. Also, it has a new system of loading connections.

Fake profiles are easy to notice as most of the time they make use of profile picture downloaded from the various website. Facebook account verification and phone number verification are done to fight these bots. Members of this site actively reply to messages. Target groups include singles and couples who are curious to explore their sexuality. Threesomes are also encouraged; in fact, this site allows members to make a group chat.

Keep reading our honest Feeld review to learn more.

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Feeld Sign-up Process

The expanded gender options of this site are clear. You can see that most gender spectrum is well-represented. Signing up is fast and doesn’t ask you to give out your real name, instead of a nickname. What is more, it also doesn’t also require you to put in sensitive or essential details. All you need is a phone number and a Facebook account of verification of your identity. Other than that, it just asks for your birth date and gender.

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Feeld Features

This site has lots of many essential features compared to other dating apps available out there. Once you log in, you will be bombarded with the many pictures of members. These pictures are used by the Feeld algorithm to determine the possible match. Swipe right if you find him or her attractive and swipe left to ignore.

The communication feature of this dating app is so easy to use. You can initiate an online chat, or leave messages and even exchange private pictures. It gives you enough contact to know if you really want to hook-up.

This dating app offers messaging functionality that is unique from other online dating sites. It allows members to create a group wherein they can invite two members for discussion.

The functions and looks of this site are precisely similar to Tinder. You’ll receive a notification when other users connect with you. Definite points include simple icons and sound design. The dark tone with more prominent profile pictures is excellent as well. Information profile displayed needs some improvement. Loading of messages is slow as well.

The design utilized by this dating is simple and clear. The icons are available in basic designs. Mature members can adapt to the style and can use the features with ease. Browsing the contact is also smooth. However, once you refresh the message tab, it takes a few moments to open. In spite of these flaws, message notification is fast. Like many apps available, you lock Feeld using a password to make it more exclusive to you.

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Feeld Mobile App

Android and iPhone app are available if you want to access this dating platform on your smartphone, which makes it ideal for people on the go. You can access the site wherever you go, no matter what you are doing and no matter where you are. Feeld is indeed an ideal dating app for open-minded and kinky singles and couples looking for some secret interactions. You can download this app on the iOS app store and Google Play store as well.

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Feeld Safety and Security

Feeld has the typical location-based search tool as well as mutual matching features. On the other hand, what makes this apart from the rest is the high standard for privacy and discretion. As a supporter of unorthodox desires, this dating platform ensures that the members and users are safe and sound from public exposure or harassment. Like for instance, users have the choice to lock the dating app using a password to keep it safe.

This site also makes use of security measures to keep fake profiles at bay. Feeld verifies the identity and age of the members by just allowing profile pictures added in a connected social media account. The best thing about this app is that they will not come out members through Facebook or any other social channel.

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Feeld Plans & Pricing

You can use this site for free. However, there’s a premium version which allows users to see the members who liked or visited your profile. What is more, the premium version also comes with the incognito option.

You need to be 18 years of age and older to join this dating p[platform. You can download this app for free. Additional features are easily accessible when you join the Majestic Society. This is the same as premium membership wherein you are allowed to use some of the best features of the apps. Premium version will cost you £8.99 a month or £17.99 for three months subscription. Some may find it very expensive, but joining this site is really worthwhile.

Members can also use the seven-day free trial which stars from the time of registration. The subscription fee is charged on the seventh day unless you canceled it at least twenty-four hours before the end of the trial.

Options Total Cost Cost Per Month Savings
Free Basic Membership Free (limited) Free (limited)
1 Month Membership $11.99 $11.99 0%
3 Month Membership $23.99 $8.00 40%
6 Month Membership n/a n/a 50%

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Feeld Customer Support

For more information about this dating app, or if you have complaints, concerns, and questions about the services, please feel free to contact customer hotline number or you can send an email. Customer support is always available no matter what time of the day.

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Feeld Pros and cons

  • The free version is good enough for many users
  • Can join as a couple or individual
  • Facebook and phone number verification leads to genuine as well as the real user base
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Powerful matching algorithm

  • iPhone version is buggy and sluggish
  • Premium version isn’t available for Android
  • No option for FB verification for signing up
  • Membership is automatically renewed, but you can cancel it at any time

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The Bottom Line

Even if Feeld is comparable to other dating sites like Tinder when it comes to functionalities, Feeld stands out when it comes to features and safety. This provides considerable privacy as well as anonymity to members. You can be open a sexual kink or some form of polyamorous propensities on this dating app.

The main objective of this app is to cater to kink and open-minded users. This is a great platform for people who are looking for unusual options like swinging or BDSM. If you’re searching for fun and adventure or want to liven up your sex life, then Feeld is the best app to join. It respects the privacy of their users, and what is more, it offers them free will to explore themselves.

Free to Look
Male:Female Ratio: 45:55
Age 18-30
Age 30-50
Age 50+
Unique Monthly Visits: 265,000
Looking For
Activity Partner
Casual Dating
Serious Dating
United States
United Kingdom
Main Features
Instant Messages
Mobile App
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Match Service
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Block Users
Articles & Advice
Mobile App
Help & Support
24/7 Support
Email Support
Phone Support
Live Chat
Free Basic Membership: Free (limited)
1 Month Membership: $11.99
3 Month Membership: $23.99
6 Month Membership: n/a
9 Total Score
979 reviews
Feeld Review

Even if Feeld is comparable to other dating sites like Tinder when it comes to functionalities, Feeld stands out when it comes to features and safety.

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