How To Impress A Guy On A First Date

Whether you want to spend your future or not with this guy, you need to go on a date. For sure, you want to have a successful first date. Every woman wants to impress on their first date. Well, the following tips can help you to impress a guy on your first date.

Be punctual. While most women usually have a habit to keep men waiting, it doesn’t mean that you will do the same and keep him on waiting. Instead, you must be on time, as it can create a good impression to the guy. It was a pleasant surprise for him because he will think that you are considerate of other people’s time. If you want to impress a guy, then learn how to respect his time and be on time. He will know that you value everyone’s time. Being late on your first date can leave a bad impression on the guy, so if you want to regret in the end, learn the power of punctuality.

Carry yourself well. The way you walk, talk and carry yourself is important, thus it attracts and impresses men. Even more important, the way you dress really counts, so make sure that you will not look like a hot mess in front of your date. Aside from dressing appropriately, and making an effort for your overall look, the way you carry yourself is necessary. It can impress the guy on your first date, so be confident and natural. It creates a lasting impression that will make your first date a sure success.

Ask him to talk about himself. It is a fact that your first date is a stage wherein you are getting to know each other. Stop being so quiet if you don’t want boredom to happen on your first date. Most men are expecting that women love to talk about themselves, however, he can be surprised if you will ask him to say something about himself including his career, family, hobbies, interest and more. With this, he can find you charming and interested to know him more. Usually, men are not big talkers, and not comfortable to express themselves. But, if you can make him talk about his life, for a change, then he will definitely be impressed. So, to make a good impression on your first date, allow him to talk about himself.

Listen. Asking the guy with different questions will make him feel that you are interested in him, but listening is another thing. You can’t impress him by simply asking several questions to show your interest for him, but not actually listening to what he is trying to say. Everyone wants to be heard and men are like that too. They want their voice to be heard, so you must learn the art of listening to leave a good impression on the guy. Lend your ears to him, it is just a simple way to show that you want him to be heard. Absorbing or listening to what he wants to share with you can definitely impress him during your first date.

Say something about your interests. Some people commonly speak about their work, so for a change talk about your interests and hobbies. You may not know it, but you and your date can discover the same interests. You will somehow know some of your similarities and differences. Sharing your hobbies and interests to the guy will show that you have a strong sense of independence. In addition to that, it can impress him because you are clear on the things that you really want. Talking about some of your personal interests is pretty impressive especially if it is on your first date.

Practice good manners and right conducts. As a woman, it is important to be refined and show good manners. Being too loud and rude will not be helpful if you want to impress the guy on your first date. With this, you must show great respect and right conducts, so that the guy will never be disappointed with you on your first date. Moreover, always remember to say thank you and please, since it will make an impression on the guy that you are a very respectful and reliable person. Additionally, he will think that you have been raised well by your parents.

Create a pleasant atmosphere in your date. Being relaxed in your first date is necessary. But, being too relaxed and complaining about certain things during your first date is not advisable. If you want to have a rewarding and satisfying first date with the guy, then you better leave the stress, drama at home or work. Whether you had a bad day, your first date is not the right time to talk about the issues and problems that you encounter at work or at home.  Instead, you can make a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere on your date. He will be surely amazed by you if he finds that you are an optimistic person who can stay positive despite the stressful world that people live in.

Don’t push too hard to impress your date. The guy will totally know whether you are trying to impress him a lot. Definitely, this is the reason why he can be turned off with you. Well, to avoid this from happening, the best way that you can do is to be natural and remain true to yourself. One of the important factors in impressing the guy in your first date is to keep relaxed and refined as if things happen in a natural way. With this, he will be amazed on how you are so cool and relaxed with him on your first date. The good thing about it is that you can also let him the chance to feel not so nervous when he is with you. As a result, both of you will feel more comfortable when you are together. This is a good sign towards a successful first date.

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